CP Violation
in B meson decay:
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The following linked pages answer some of the questions you may have on the question of CP violation in B meson decay.  The guided tour simply takes you through the pages in order.  To return to this page click on FAQ.
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1. Particle physics
a. What is particle physics?
b. What is the Standard Model?

2. CP violation
a. What is CP symmetry?
      i. (technical discussion)
b. Has CP violation been observed?
c. Why is it significant?

3. Weak interactions and CP violation
a. Where does CP violation fit in the Standard Model?
b. What is the CKM matrix?
c. What is a unitarity triangle?

4. B mesons and CP violation
a. What are B mesons?
b. How do they decay?
c. What is the significance of CP violation in B decay?
d. What would be evidence for it?
e. How can one look for this evidence?
f. Where is it being investigated?