Michael L. Sitko

Department of Physics, University of Cincinnati





My interests center around the nature of interstellar, circumstellar, and interplanetary dust grains, and the role they play in the formation of planetary systems. It is apparent that the formation of planets will have observable effects on the disks of material from which they for. I am currently involved in a number of investigations whose nature it is to detect these signposts of planet formation.


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Scientific Background: The Formation and Evolution of Solar Systems

Astronomy at UC

Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3

In 2005 I also became an off-site employee of the Space Science Institute.

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Kepler is discovering exoplanets!

Numerous young stars show spectroscopic evidence for what would seem to be stargrazing comets. Such objects were routinely observed hitting the Sun, using coronagraphic images taken by the SOHO satellite. The solar system today is very empty compared to these other systems, and the collision rate much lower by many orders of magnitude

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The Cincinnati Observatory Center

The country's oldest operating observatory is right here in Cincinnati.

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Recent Representative Papers:

 “Revealing the Structure of a Pre-Transitional Disk: The Case of the Herbig F Star SAO 206462 (HD 135344B)”, C. A. Grady, G. Schneider, M. L. Sitko, G. M. Williger, K. Hamaguchi, S. D. Brittain, K. Ablordeppey, D. Apai, L. Beerman, W. J. Carpenter, K. A. Collins, M. Fukagawa, H. B. Hammel, Th. Henning, D. Hines, R. Kimes, D. K. Lynch, F. Ménard, R. Pearson, R. W. Russell, M. Silverstone, P. S. Smith, M. Troutman, D. Wilner, B. Woodgate, and M. Clampin, ApJ, 699, 1822. (pdf)


“HD 100453: A Link Between Gas-Rich Protoplanetary Disks and Gas-Poor Debris Disks”, K.A. Collins, C.A. Grady, K. Hamaguchi, J.P. Wisniewski, S. Brittain, M. Sitko, W.J. Carpenter, J.P. Williams, G.S. Matthews, G.M. Williger, R. van Boekel, A. Carmona, Th. henning, M.E. van den Ancker, G. Meeus, X.P. Chen. R. Petre, & B.E. Woodgate, ApJ 697, 557 (2009). (pdf)


“Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of HD 44179”, M.L. Sitko, L.S. Bernstein, and R.J. Glinski, ApJ,  680, 1426-1437 (2008). (pdf)


“Variability of Disk Emission in Pre-Main Sequence and Related Stars. I. HD 31648 and HD 163296 - Isolated Herbig Ae Stars Driving Herbig-Haro Flows”, M.L. Sitko, W.J. Carpenter, R.L. Kimes, J.L. Wilde, D.K. Lynch, R.W. Russell, R.J. Rudy, S.M. Mazuk, and C.C. Venturini, R.C. Puetter, C.A. Grady, E.F. Polomski, J.P. Wisnewski, S.M. Brafford, H. B. Hammel, R.B. Perry, ApJ, 678, 1070-1087 (2008). (pdf)